International Prize for Contemporary African Photography

Judging Panel

Akinbode Akinbiyi Photographer and Curator, Berlin, Germany

Photographer and Curator, Berlin, Germany Akinbode Akinbiyi is a photographer, curator and writer living in and working out of Berlin, Germany. Born in Oxford, England, of Nigerian parents, Akinbode was educated in both England and Nigeria and has been a photographer for almost forty years. Akinbode has in recent years concentrated increasingly on personal projects dealing with the rapidly advancing global urbanisation, focusing specifically on cities on the African continent. The dominant thread is the road, its presence in all urban conglomerations, its constant weave and meander in the ever-growing sprawl. Akinbode also passionately engages with younger colleagues through workshops and masterclasses, through portfolio reviews and in writings.

Jenny Altschuler Photographer and Mentor, Cape Town, South Africa

Photographer and Mentor, Cape Town, South Africa Jenny Altschuler (MA Fine Art) is a respected photographic artist, lecturer and mentor living in Cape Town. Her work has been exhibited in the USA, Europe and South Africa and has been showcased at prestigious festivals such as Photoquai Paris in 2007, Symbiosis Netherlands in 2011, and the International Biennial of Fine Art and Photography (Borges Cultural Center, Buenos Aires, 2012 and Infecting The City -Cape Town, 2013). She is the director of the South African Centre for Photography and curator of the biennial Cape Town Month of Photography. -

Vignes Balasingam Festival Director, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Vignes Balasingam, Festival Director, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Vignes Balasingam is a photographer and curator based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. He is the director of Malaysia's only international photography festival, OBSCURA Festival and the Monsoon Artist In-Residence programme.

Iatã Cannabrava Photographer and editor, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Iatã Cannabrava, Photographer and editor, Sao Paulo, Brazil Iatã Cannabrava began his career as a cultural producer in 1989, presiding over the União dos Fotógrafos do Estado de São Paulo, a collective of photographers from the state of São Paulo. In 2002 he founded Estúdio Madalena, a company that produces cultural projects related to photography, such as photography events, classes, exhibitions, seminars and research. He also works as a photography curator and researcher. His latest projects include the foundation of Editora Madalena in partnership with Claudi Carreras and Claudia Jaguaribe, a publishing house specialising in photography. -

Joselina Cruz Curator, Manila, Philippines

Joselina Cruz, Curator, Manila, Philippines Joselina Cruz is a curator based in Manila, Philippines. She was co-curator of the 2008 Singapore Biennale and in 2010 curated Creative Index, a multi-site exhibition in Manila, and Roving Eye in 2011 at the Sørlandets Kunstmuseum in Kristiansand (SKMU), Norway. She is a fellow of the Asian Public Intellectual (API) Programme of the Nippon Foundation. She has been nominated for several art prizes in Asia and Europe and continues to write essays, reviews, criticism and art commentary. She currently holds the position of director and curator for MCAD Manila (Museum of Contemporary Art and Design), DLS-CSB, Manila.

Calvin Dondo Calvin Dondo, Artist, Harare, Zimbabwe

Calvin Dondo, Artist, Harare, Zimbabwe Born in 1963, in Harare, Zimbabwe, where he lives and works. He is the founding artistic director of Gwanza the Zimbabwe month of photography. His work focuses on contemporary issues affecting the world and how people try to address their problems. He is now working on long-term projects focussing on identity, citizenship, migration and love. Dondo has exhibited in in biennales, galleries and art fairs across the world over the past 20 years.

John Fleetwood Curator, Johannesburg, South Africa

John Fleetwood, 
Curator, Johannesburg, South Africa John Fleetwood lives and works in Johannesburg and is the Head of the Market Photo Workshop, convener for the Joburg Photo Umbrella and is an independent curator. Fleetwood most recently was the curator for A Return to Elsewhere (Lathigra/Sekgala), Brighton & Johannesburg, 2014, an exhibition looking at the construction of communities and photography’s factual and fictional modes, as well as Photoquai 2013: Africa (Paris, 2013). Fleetwood’s key interest is the evolving nature of documentary photography, and more specifically the possibilities for photography within the aesthetics of advocacy. -

Benjamin Füglister Artist and cultural entrepreneur

Benjamin Füglister,
Artist and cultural entrepreneur Berlin-based artist Benjamin Füglister was born in 1978 in Zurich, Switzerland. In his work Füglister explores the interchange between photographic media and modern society, questioning social conventions and their visual transformation. He focuses on how photography can be used as an interface to observe and visualize the metamorphosis of the image of man. He was the founding member of Sodbrand, a magazine for words and images. In 2009 he founded, a platform for hand-picked photographers’ portfolios. Since 2006 he has worked at the editorial department of European Photography Magazine. Füglister is the founder of and head of the judging panel for POPCAP – the Prize for Contemporary African Photography. –

Yumi Goto Curator, Tokyo, Japan

Yumi Goto,
Curator, Tokyo, Japan Yumi Goto is an independent photography curator, editor, researcher and consultant who focuses on the development of cultural exchanges that transcend borders. She collaborates with local and international artists who live and work in areas affected by conflict, natural disasters, social problems, human rights abuses and women’s issues. She often works with human rights advocates, international and local NGOs, humanitarian organizations and is a nominator and juror for international photographic organisations, festivals and events. She is now based in Tokyo and is a co-founder and curator of the Reminders Photography Stronghold. -

Elda Harrington Curator, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Elda Harrington,
Curator, Buenos Aires, Argentina Elda Harrington is a lawyer, photographer, curator and teacher who lives in Buenos Aires, Argentina and has been working in the world of photography since 1984. She is also the founder of Encuentros Abiertos-Festival de la Luz, a photographic biennial that takes place in 45 cities of Argentina, and has worked as its director since 1989. She is the President of Luz Austral Foundation, which has been promoting photography in Argentina and abroad since 1999. Elda Harrington has been the director of the “Escuela Argentina de Fotografia” since its establishment in 1987. -

Michket Krifa Curator, Paris, France

Michket Krifa,
Curator, Paris, France Michket Krifa is an independent curator, author and consultant for visual arts in the Middle East and Africa. She lives in Paris and has been the artistic director of the 8th and 9th Les Rencontres de Bamako, Biennale Africaine de la Photographie since 2009. Michket Krifa collaborates with many institutions and has organized Middle Eastern and African photography events in Europe and abroad. She has written many essays and articles on photography and has edited books and catalogues.

Missla Libsekal Edito, Vancouver, Canada

Missla Libsekal,
Edito, Vancouver, Canada Missla Libsekal was born in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, and is a nomad, writer and design consultant. In 2010 she founded the online platform Another Africa, a new venue to chart mythologies about contemporary art and culture from an African perspective. "Art is powerful, it simply needs unleashing and ultimately it will influence, inspire and help to reclaim Africa. The arts are not a first-world luxury, Another Africa is intended to be a constant reminder of this." -

Bart Luirink Editor, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Bart Luirink,
Editor, Amsterdam, The Netherlands Bart Luirink is a journalist and author born in 1954. During the 1980s Luirink became involved in the Dutch solidarity movement with the struggle against Apartheid. In the early 1990s he moved to Johannesburg, South Africa, where he worked until 2012 as a correspondent for Dutch radio, television and print media. In 1999 he launched Behind the Mask, an online magazine for gay and lesbian affairs in Africa. Luirink joined ZAM, an online magazine and network of more than 600 investigative journalists, photographers, artists and other troublemakers from Africa and beyond. Luirink has written several books on South Africa and is a regular commentator for Dutch media. -

Jeanne Mercier Photo Critic, Paris, France

Jeanne Mercier,
Photo Critic, Paris, France Jeanne Mercier is the co-founder and editor of Africa in Visu, the first photography exchange platform and network in Africa. She made a statement in 2005 on ” The African Photography Encounters ” ( LHIVIC – EHESS) and is working on new practices and forms of dissemination of photography in North and West Africa. She divides her time between Africa in Visu and cultural programming and consulting for contemporary photographic practices. Her own photographic practice deals with the issues in Africa. She currently teaches in Morocco and France, and writes for various artistic and photographic magazines. She is a regular correspondent for Africa for The Eye of Photography and Diptyk. -

Andreas Müller-Pohle Artist and publisher, Berlin, Germany

Andreas Müller-Pohle,
Artist and publisher, Berlin, Germany Andreas Müller-Pohle is a Berlin-based media artist and publisher. He studied Economics and Communication at the Universities of Hannover and Göttingen and in 1979 founded European Photography, an independent art magazine for contemporary photography and new media. His first photographic projects focused on questions of photographic perception, and later on photo recycling. In the mid-1990s, he began to explore the use of digital, genetic and political codes. In his most recent works he explored the subject of water via a series of portraits of the Danube river and the metropolis of Hong Kong. As a publisher Müller-Pohle has issued the major works of media philosopher Vilém Flusser, available today in the ten-volume Edition Flusser and including the seminal Philosophy of Photography which has been translated into over 20 languages. In 2001 Müller-Pohle was awarded the European Photography Prize by the Reind M. De Vries Foundation. He has authored numerous texts on photo theory and visualism, and has worked as a visiting professor and instructor. -

Azu Nwagbodu Curator, Lagos, Nigeria

Azu Nwagbodu,
Curator, Lagos, Nigeria Azu Nwagbogu lives and works in Lagos, Nigeria. He is the founder and director of the African Artists’ Foundation, a non-profit organisation established in 2007 and based in Lagos, which is dedicated to the promotion and development of contemporary African arts and artists. In 2008 Nwagbogu founded the National Art Competition, an annual arts competition in Nigeria that provides a platform for exposure for emerging Nigerian artists. Nwagbogu also serves as founder and director of the LagosPhoto Festival, an annual international arts festival of photography that brings leading local and international photographers into dialogue with multifaceted stories of Africa. Nwagabogu has also served as a juror for the Dutch Doc and the POPCAP Photography Awards. -

Jürg Schneider Historian and curator, Basel, Switzerland

Jürg Schneider,
Historian and curator, Basel, Switzerland Jürg Schneider is an historian affiliated with the Centre for African Studies at the University of Basel, Switzerland. His writings on historical and contemporary African photography and photography in Africa have appeared in various journals and books. He is the co-founder of and

Bisi Silva Curator, Lagos, Nigeria

Bisi Silva is an independent curator and the founder and director of Centre for Contemporary Art, Lagos (CCA, Lagos), which opened in December 2007. She is a co-curator of The Progress of Love, a transcontinental collaboration across three venues in the United States and Nigeria. She was co-curator of J.D. Okhai Ojeikere: Moments of Beauty, Kiasma, Helsinki, and the 2nd Thessaloniki Biennale of Contemporary Art, Greece, Praxis: Art in Times of Uncertainty. In 2006 Silva was one of the curators for the Dakar Biennale in Senegal. At CCA, Lagos, she has curated Fela, Ghariokwu Lemi and The Art of the Album Cover, Ndidi Dike, Waka-into-bondage: The Last ¾ Mile, Like A Virgin…, Lucy Azubuike (NIG) and Zanele Muholi (SA), J.D. Okhai Ojeikere; Sartorial Moments and The Nearness of Yesterday, All We Ever Wanted and Occupy Nigeria. Silva has participated in several international conferences and symposia and has written essays for many publications including international art magazines and is on the editorial board of N.Paradoxa, an international feminist art journal. -